It's Harder To Become A Wienermobile Driver Than Getting Into Harvard

May 28, 2019
Oscar Meyer, Wienermobile, Field, Flowers, Majestic, 2004 Model, 2018

(Photo by Democrat files)


Typically, there are two drivers assigned at a time to the infamous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Usually, there is a male "hotdogger," and a female "hotdogger," tasked with roaming the country spreading the good word of Oscar Meyer.  Since 1988, there have been six Wienermobiles consistently on tour, visiting every US state and Canada 12 months a year.

It seems like an incredible job for kids in their early 20s, and by all accounts it is.  However, it's not an easy job to secure.  In fact, statistically, becoming an official Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver is more difficult than getting accepted into Harvard.  

Ed Roland, a senior manager of experiential marketing at Oscar Mayer, told The Post, "It can be easier to get into an Ivy League university than become a hotdogger."  Last year, Oscar Mayer received more than 7,000 applications from recent college grads looking to become a hotdogger.  Of those 7,000 applicants, only 12 were picked, which averages to an acceptance rate of around .17%.  Last year, the acceptance rate at Harvard for its applicants was around 4.6%.  

And if you're looking to become an official hotdogger, Roland says Oscar Mayer looks for applicants with degrees in marketing, public relations, business, or other related fields and anyone with “strong interpersonal skills with people of all ages.”  

There have been just over 400 hotdoggers over the past 31 years.

Via NY Post