The Internet Helps A Texas Man Return 25 Year Old VHS Tape To Original Owners

The Video Showed A Little Boy Taking his First Steps

January 10, 2020


The power of the internet was on full display recently as a man tried to return a VHS tape he recently purchased to the original owner. After buying an old VHS player at Goodwill, the man from Cedar Rapids, Texas turned on the outdated technology only to find someone’s baby video in there. The Texas man turned to the internet to find the original owners, and within 24 hours, they were found and the VHS tape was returned.

Jim McKay is a videographer and photographer, so his purchase of an old VHS player isn’t as odd as it seems. However, after seeing the tape inside of a child’s first steps, he decided it was only right to try and find the original owners. “I found this family home video in a used VCR from Goodwill here in Texas. I really want to return it to the family. Can you help share it in your circles? Hopefully this family is still local,” McKay said in his post.

After 24 hours, the internet was able to locate the original owners, and McKay was able to hand deliver it to them. The little boy in the video is now 26 year old Austin educator, TyRe Alexander. While he is probably happy to have his tape back, he may now have a problem telling his students to stay off the internet.

Via Fox News