The Internet’s Newest Debate: Is This A Bird Or A Bunny?

A Video Clip Of An Animal Being Pet Has Gone Viral As No One Can Figure Out If It’s A Bird Or Bunny

August 22, 2019

The internet loves a good debate. First it was the color of a dress, next was the audio clip. Now, there is a new debate that the internet can’t seem to agree on. In a new video, people are arguing if the animal in the clip is a bird or a bunny.

It all began when a video of either a bunny or bird having its head scratch was posted to Imgur. Since then, the video was picked up by a number of people on twitter, and quickly started the debate. In the video, it appears the animal is being scratched either between its ears, or by its beak.

Many were confused as to what this animal was, as some couldn’t figure out if they were looking at bunny ears or a bird’s beak. Other users were quick to point out they believed the animal to be a white necked raven. Regardless of how many times the video has been seen, no one could come to an agreement.

Since being posted over a week ago, the video of the bird or bunny has quickly gained viral status, but only as people continue to argue over what they are looking at. Until the original poster speaks out, the world may never know if this is a bird or a bunny.

Via Yahoo!