IBM Files Patent For Coffee Drones, Which Can Predict When You Need A Cup!

August 22, 2018
Drone, Flying, Sky

A lot of us need that cup of Joe to get our morning going.  Plenty of us need several cups, and IBM is trying to make it easier for us to get out coffee.  In fact, it's trying to make the coffee come to us.  

IBM has filed a patent for a Coffee Drone, that will fly to public places and deliver cops of coffee, whether it has been preordered or you're just in a sudden mood for caffeine.  Facial or voice recognition, or an electronic ID tag or Bluetooth from a person's smartphone would ensure the coffee gets to the person who ordered it.

Flying coffee?  We can dig it.  PLUS, there is even talk of the drone being able to access a person's information on a Fitbit or other smartwatch, and determine through such metrics as blood pressure, pupil dilation, facial expressions, and wake-up time to determine if they could use a cup of coffee or not!

Of course, the technology is still going through growing pains, and won't be readily available any time soon.  There are still plenty of logistics to work out with drones transferring hot liquids at a rapid pace in the air.  However, IBM is hopeful.  Spokeswoman Amanda Carl said in an email, "IBM encourages our researchers to pursue their interests even though not all of their inventions become commercial products.  By publishing their inventions as patents, we give our researchers the recognition they deserve and make their work public, so it can inspire new innovations."

Via USA Today