Huey Lewis Cancels All 2018 Shows

Let's hope this isn't the end of Huey Lewis and the News!

April 14, 2018
Photo Credit: Ryan Myers/imageSPACE

Photo Credit: Ryan Myers/imageSPACE

Tragically, Huey Lewis just released this statement on the Huey Lewis and the News Twitter page:

Isn't that crazy that his hearing loss happened just before his show here in Dallas?  We all wish him the best...this is tragic news.  Luckily, it sounds like Huey's hearing could "improve" there is hope!  By the way, Meniere's disease causes vertigo-like symptoms and affects the inner ear.

So, unfortunately, the Huey Lewis and the News show that was scheduled to happen up at Choctaw on Friday, May 11th has been cancelled.

Source: CBS News