J.J. Watt Asks Fellow Texans To Chip In So We Can Buy Whataburger Back From The Bank

June 15, 2019
Houston Texans J.J. Watt

Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

We were all a little stunned and heartbroken when news broke that Whataburger had been sold to a Chicago investment bank. 

While we were all moping about how things were going to change for our favorite burger joint, J.J. Watt came up with a pretty good solution to the sale of Whataburger. 

The Houston Texans Defensive End posted on Twitter saying that if we all pitch in a little cash, we could buy Whataburger back from the bank. He also thinks we should make the honey butter chicken biscuit available all day long. Can’t argue with his logic. 

Soon after, Watts tweet went viral. It even caught the eye of Whataburger, who was so impressed with ideas that they offered him a job. 

Though J.J. Watt is from Wisconsin, living in Texas has sure made him a big fan of Whataburger. 

Via: Krist TV