Homeless Man Finds $17,000, Returns It To Food Bank That Lost It

December 17, 2018
Food Bank, Cans, Volunteer, Hands, Sorting

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)


Kevin Booth has been homeless on and off for the past seven years.

He usually faces critical decisions daily, often involving where his next meal will come from or where he will sleep that night.  He faced an even bigger conundrum however when he opened a seemingly abandoned yellow plastic bag outside of the food bank he frequents.

The Sumner Community Food Bank has helped Booth with "food, a little bit of clothing here and there," he said.  Which is why when he opened the bag, he didn't immediately take off.  The food bank wasn't opened yet, so someone dropped off the yellow bag and left it on their doorstep.  Inside, Booth found what, at first, he thought was close to $800 in cash.  But he didn't run.  Instead, he waited the 45 minutes for the bank to open, and handed the bag to the first food bank volunteer that arrived.

The volunteer took the bag inside, and later, Booth was told the bag actually contained $17,000.  "At first, I thought it was 800 bucks.  That's what I told the officers.  When they told me, I just about fainted."  After discovering the true amount, Booth admitted he did feel a smidgen of regret.  He said, "I regretted big time on not taking it because I wouldn't be in this predicament right now."

That was how he felt in the moment, but Booth thought about what motivated him in the first place.  He said, "That is what made me stay and return it... just the right thing to do."

The Sumner Food Bank said they were "forever grateful" for Booth's actions, and thanked him with some gift cards.  The Sumner police also awarded him with a certificate for his good deed.