High School Senior Kicks Game-Winning Extra Point, Hours After Being Crowned Homecoming Queen

September 10, 2018
Football, Field Goal, Holder

High school senior Kaylee Foster is a varsity soccer player who has been on the homecoming court for four years.  

She's also been kicking field goals for the varsity football team since her sophomore year.  Before Ocean Springs High School homecoming game against George County High School last Friday, Kaylee, once again on the homecoming court, was crowned Homecoming Queen.  Quickly, she ditched the crown for a football helmet, however, and her team is lucky she did.

The game came down to the wire, and Kaylee was able to successfully kick a late extra-point to secure the victory for Ocean Springs.

When asked if she was more nervous about homecoming court or the kick, Kaylee said, "I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick."

Via AP News