Hilarious Video Shows Differences Of Being A Mom In The Summer In 1989 Vs. 2019

August 7, 2019
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We know the times have changed in the past forty years.

Being a parent in 2019 is definitely not the same in 1989, and the folks over at the That's Inappropriate Facebook page have created an amazing video that highlights just that.

They show the differences of being a mom during the summertime in 1989 and in 2019.  1989 was a simpler time.  For kids it was an era of being outside away from home the entire day without so much as a phone call, just as long as you were back by dinnertime.

Nowadays, parents are a little more conscious about everything, from the whereabouts of their children to the degree of the sunblock.  

For better or worse, parenting has evolved over the last forty years, though as the video will also show, it really hasn't changed that much!

Via Fatherly