A High School In Kentucky Will Continue To Offer ‘Adulting 101’ As A Class

June 10, 2019
Kid Cutting Wood

Photo By Getty Images

What a class do you wish they offered back in high school? How to file your taxes would have been a great one. 

Seniors at Fern Creek High School in Kentucky are learning how to be functional adults thanks to an elective called ‘Adulting 101’. 

College Access Resource teacher Sara Wilson-Abell is responsible for creating the class. She started it because her students asked a lot of questions about life skills. Some of Wilson-Abell’s lesson plans include car maintenance, money, how to hang pictures on a wall, wash and dry clothes and cook food in a microwave.

You know, all the basic things in life they don’t teach in schools. 

One student told WLKY News that she and other students shouldn’t be criticized for not knowing how to do basic tasks. "They're like, 'Oh they should know how to change a tire, they should just know how to do this stuff.' But we actually in reality have never been taught this, so we don't know how to do any of it."

Adulting 101 is so popular with seniors that the high school is bringing it back next year. Would you have taken this class if they offered it to you?