Actor Henry Winkler Is Already Thinking About Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Actor Sent Out A Tweet Saying He “Cannot Wait” For His Next Day Sandwich

November 28, 2019

Sipa USA

While everyone is excited for the massive Thanksgiving meal they will be having on Thursday, plenty are already looking forward to leftovers on Friday. Count actor Henry Winkler as one of those already thinking about his leftover meal on Friday. The actor sent out a tweet on Tuesday revealing his post-Thanksgiving meal plans.

On Tuesday, The ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Barry’ actor revealed while he’s excited for Thanksgiving, it’s the next day meal made out of leftovers he’s most excited about. In his tweet, Winkler said “CAN NOT wait until Friday ... the next day sandwich on Wonder Bread...with crispy stuffing , Mayo , Ocean Spray Cranberry and TURKEY.” Many on social media agreed with Winkler, as just about everyone can agree; that sandwich sounds incredible.

Agreement wasn’t the only reaction form social media, as some gave tips on their favorite leftover meals, and even Ocean Spray got involved, recognizing the actor’s tweet. While many will be enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner, Winkler and many others will be thinking about tomorrow. At least everyone can find their own way to love Thanksgiving.

Via Fox News