Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop Opens In Corpus Christi

December 19, 2018
Harry Potter, Decorations, Gryffindor, Display

(Photo by Kate Collins, Kate Collins / Staff photo)

The Coffee MUGGle welcomes patrons of all kinds, whether they be wizards, giants, muggles, although Dementors may have to wait outside.  All are welcome at Corpus Christi’s latest coffee shop, and if you haven’t guessed, they are all about Harry Potter!

Owner Susan Almaguer is a Harry Potter fanatic, and wanted to create a place where everyone can come “and feel like they can hang out and just have a good time and just enjoy the atmosphere.”  The store also contains a TON of merchandise, the majority of which was donated from the community!

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Almaguer hopes to expand the shop’s menu in the next couple of weeks.  Extra chocolate frogs for us, please!