Halloween Candy Map Reveals Texas’ Favorite Candy Is M&Ms

The Study Also Found Dallas’ Preference Is Snickers

September 30, 2019


With Halloween only one month away, it’s time to start thinking about which candy to buy to make your house the most popular home on your street. While everyone has their own specific favorite, a new study has revealed which candy is preferred in each state. For Texas, the overall favorite was M&Ms, but in Dallas the number one choice was Snickers.

The study done by Bid on Equipment based on Google search volume developed a map showing which state prefers what candy. What they found is that the United States is a nation obsessed with chocolate, especially when peanut butter is added. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the top choice, as they were the favorite in 12 states. Reese’s were followed by M&Ms, then Milk Duds and Snickers.

Bid on Equipment also broke down the favorites by city, as that showed some cities don’t follow the trends of the rest of the state. In Texas, Dallas’ favorite was Snickers, while Austin’s was Reese’s and Houston went with Milk Duds. Still, the rest of the state prefers M&Ms, so when decided which candy to buy for Halloween, it might just be best to buy a variety pack.

Via Fox News