Gucci's New Swimsuit Costs $380, But They Recommend Not Swimming In It

September 21, 2018
One Piece, Swimsuit, Pink Background

Summer seems to be winding down here, but there are plenty of other places around the world where it's hot all year long, so bikini season is every season.

Gucci knows this, which is why they've just introduced a brand new swimsuit to their collection.  Retailing for $380, the suit features Gucci’s iconic logo, a scooped back, and crossover straps.  But, there happens to be one little, tiny, major design flaw.  Gucci recommends that you do not wear their swimsuit to go swimming.  

Apparently, the suit is made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, and is very, VERY delicate, and chlorine should not come into contact with it at any cost.  Instead, it's recommended to wear the suit "with skirts, denim and anything high-rise."  Just not by the pool!

Via NY Post