Grumpy People Live Longer And Earn More Money Than Positive People

October 26, 2018
Man, Angry, Furious, Shouting, Phone Call

Sometimes it pays to be a grouch.  Apparently, that's all the time!  

A study conducted by the University of Amsterdam has found that angry people are actually more adept at coming up with ideas faster than their happier counterparts.  The head of the study, Matthijs Baas, also found that being a grump can often make you a skilled negotiator, more adept at decision-making, and can often lead to more stable marriages, higher earnings, and longer lives.

But why?

Baas says anger triggers humans' "fight or flight" mentality, causing us to utilize "unstructured thinking," which helps problem solving.  He said, "Anger really prepares the body to mobilize resources – it tells you that the situation you're in is bad and gives you an energetic boost to get you out of it."