Grocery Store Goes Viral For ‘The Big Lebowski’ Themed Promotion

Customers Can Receive A Discount On Milk Products By Shopping In A Bath Robe

March 2, 2020

Any fan of ‘The Big Lebowski’ dreams of living the relaxed lifestyle of “The Dude.” The first step to living like The Dude is to dress like The Dude, and one grocery store in Illinois is rewarding customers trying to live The Dude lifestyle. In an odd promotion Green Top Grocery is offering customers 10% off milk products for shopping in a bathrobe.

The promotion is in reference to the opening scene of ‘The Big Lebowski,’ where Jeff Bridges character goes to Ralphs in a bathrobe to buy half-and-half for his beloved White Russian. Now, the Bloomington, Illinois grocery story is hoping fans of the cult classic come to get their discounted milk from Green Top Grocery. “We had one woman who drove an hour to come and buy milk in her bathrobe, and she doesn’t even drink milk. She just wanted to be part of it,” said Michael Talley, the store’s marketing coordinator.

Now, the promotion has gone viral and has even led to a Dude Abides Robe Contest this weekend. Winner of the contest will receive a $50 gift card to the store. Whether it’s discounted milk, or contest prizes, this store clearly wants to help out any Big Lebowski super fan.

Via The Takeout