Grandmother Grabs Mugger "Between The Legs" To Stop Him From Robbing Her

August 17, 2018
Mugger, Robber, Purse, Thief, Black Gloves

Brenda Stinson was out shopping at her local Piggly Wiggly Wednesday morning when a man lunged at her while she was getting in her car.

Recalling the attack, Stinson said, "I know I hurt him  – I know I got him good."  The 74-year-old grandmother spent five minutes fighting with the mugger, trying to grab the brown envelope she always carries her cash in.  She knew only one method to keep her safe, and keep her cash.  "I grabbed him between his legs.  I grabbed him good between his legs."

Thankfully, good samaritan William Daniels rushed over to her SUV as soon as he saw what was happening.  Daniels pinned down the mugger until police arrived at the scene.  Detectives are now working to obtain warrants against him.  And thankfully, Stinson escaped the incident without any serious phyusical injuries, and all her cahs in hand.

Via Metro