The Grammys Make Mistake During In Memoriam, Misspelling Ric Ocasek’s Name

His Name Was Spelled “Rick” When A Photo Of The Late Singer Was Shown

January 27, 2020

Frazer Harrison / Staff

Every year, The Grammys honor those in the music industry that have passed away in the last year, and every year fans point out at least one mistake or omission made during the tribute. This year was no different, as The Car’s Ric Ocasek’s name was spelled wrong during the in memoriam segment.

The Grammys honored a number of musicians lost in the last year at Sunday’s award ceremony, including Peter Tork and Nipsey Hussle. Still, it was the misspelling of Ric Ocasek’s name that has fans calling out the Grammys for their mistake. When a photo of the singer was shown, his name on screen was spelled “Rick” instead of “Ric.”

Fans quickly went to social media to call out the award show for their mistake. Many commenters pointed out the irony of the music award show messing up the name of a music icon. Hopefully next year, the Grammys finally get it right with no omissions or mistakes during the in memoriam.

Via People