Google Maps Caught A German Couple’s Impressive Wedding Proposal Message

The Man Proposed In 2019, But His Message Can Still Be Seen On The Map Application

February 14, 2020

Serhii Sobolevskyi

Google Maps just helped a man create the most memorable wedding proposal of all time. For most people about to propose to their significant other, there’s a ton of pressure to make it special enough to remember forever. Luckily, for one German couple, Google Maps did the work for them.

Back in 2019, Steffan Schwarz proposed to his girlfriend using a cornfield and a drone. Using a seeding machine, he planted cornstalk to spell out “Willst du mich heiraten?” which translates to ‘will you marry me?” Luckily she said yes, and the couple began planning their wedding.

It wasn’t until recently when Schwarz aunt in Canada contacted him to let him know the proposal could be seen on Google Maps. Now, his proposal to his girlfriend will be easily remembered forever, as the photos have since gone viral. Luckily for him, she said yes, or these photos would be extremely awkward.

Via Fox News