Letter To Santa From The 1890s Found 120 Years After It Was Written

December 14, 2018
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To a child, their letter to Santa is often one of their most prized possessions.

It's one of the only chances they get to tell the big guy what exactly they want for Christmas, and it is a very big deal it gets to the North Pole safe and sound.  Unfortunately for five-year-old Marjorie, her letter did not make it to Santa.  In fact, her letter was just discovered hidden inside a book donated to a charity shop in Canterbury, England.  What's amazing though, is that Marjorie's letter was dated 2 December 1898! 

Shop assistant Lily Birchall who discovered the letter is now determined to trace Marjorie's family tree to hopefully return the letter to them.  She said, "It's so innocent and it's what Christmas really should be about, small gifts and the real sense of magic and believing."