[Video] Gigi Hadid Confronts Comedian Who Attempted To Crash Paris Fashion Show

The Woman Can be Seen Jumping On Stage And Joining Cat Walk Before Hadid Clearly Had Enough

October 2, 2019

Anthony Behar

Many girls dream of one day strutting down the cat walk as a model, but it takes hard work and dedication to make it there. However, one woman found a way around that after she crashed the Chanel 2020 presentation in Paris. The woman made it up on stage during the final walk, and got her chance to strut until supermodel Gigi Hadid had enough and decided to confront her.

The woman, who was wearing a black and white tweed outfit, along with a black hat, has been identified as comedian Marie Benoliel. The comic, who is better known as Marie S’Infiltre, has 227,000 YouTube subscribers and 196,000 followers on Instagram, but those likely will go up after her fashion show crashing. After Benoliel hopped on stage, she managed to walk along with other models, until Gigi Hadid had enough.

In the clip, Hadid can be seen sternly confronting the crasher, before placing a hand on her shoulder and showing her the way off the stage. Security at the event rushed to get the woman off the stage, but luckily Hadid managed to get there first. Luckily, no one was hurt during the event, and the French comic got her chance in the spotlight alongside supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Via Fox News