[Video] Giant Dog And Tiny Kitten Become The Most Unlikely Best Friends

Vet Tech Stephanie Vice Recently Posted A Video Of Her Dog Caring For Her New Kitten

October 8, 2019


Dogs and cats have been sworn enemies throughout history, but every once in a while two fury companions will break barriers to become best of friends. That’s exactly what happened to one family, as their giant bloodhound has become obsessed with their new 5-week-old American Wirehair kitten.

Veterinary technician Stephanie Vice and her husband, Matthew, have fostered over 100 cats over the last few years, and to their surprise their dog has been good with all of them. However, their newest kitten brought something special out of their bloodhound, Ruby Jane. In the now viral video, the dog can be seen petting the kitten gently while it’s in the sink.

According to Vice, both Ruby Jane, and their new cat, Brodie, are best friends after a short time of being under the same roof. The adorable video quickly went viral and has now been viewed over 8 million times. With these furry friends, the rivalry between cats and dogs could soon be over.

Via Fox News