Website Wants To Pay You $1,300 To Watch 13 Stephen King Movies Before Halloween Is Offering The Perfect Contest For Any Horror Movie Fan

September 18, 2019

With Halloween a little over a month away, scary movie fans are getting ready for their favorite genre of movie to return. Every scary movie fan has their favorites, but when it comes to Stephen Kings movies, most agree, you can’t do much better. That’s why has decided to offer up $1,300 to someone who is willing to watch 13 Stephen King films before Halloween.

While horror movie fans may not see the challenge, those afraid of scary movies will have to fight their way through each movie if they want the prize. In preparation for Stephen King’s next film, ‘Doctor Sleep,’ which is the sequel to ‘The Shining,’ want to reward someone who can make it through each film, and answer some questions along the way.

During the movie binge, contestants will be asked questions such as; which film is your favorite, are you watching alone or with someone, and how is your heart rate during creepy scenes? The website says they are looking for detail oriented movie watchers, who will share their scares on social media. The films that need to be watched in order to win the $1,300 are; "Carrie" (the original or the 2013 remake), "Children of the Corn," "Christine," "Creepshow," "Cujo," "Dreamcatcher," "It" (the original or the 2017 remake), "The Mist," "Pet Sematary" (the original or the 2019 remake), "Salem's Lot," "The Shining," "Thinner" and "Misery." To sign up for the contest click here.