Actor Gerard Butler's Home Completely Burned To Ashes By California Wildfire

November 12, 2018
Gerard Butler, Suit, Red Carpet, Premiere, Geostorm, 2017

(Photo by AdMedia)

Gerard Butler had to share some pretty devastating news yesterday.

The Woolsey Fire sweeping through California passed right through his Malibu neighborhood over the weekend, completely destroying everything in the process.  Butler shared a photo of his home, almost reduced completely to ash.  Butler took the time, however, to thank the Los Angeles Fire Department, writing that he is inspired by their "courage, spirit, and sacrifice."

So far, Guillermo del Toro, Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano, and Rainn Wilson have all had to evacuate their homes due to potential damage from the flames, and director Scott Derrickson, best known for heading Marvel's Doctor Strange, also had his home destroyed.

Via Fox News