George Clinton Joins Red Hot Chili Peppers On Stage For "Give It Away" Collaboration

February 27, 2019
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Keidis, Flea, Concert, Summerfest Music Festival, 2017

(Photo by Daniel DeSlover/imageSPACE)


The Parliament Funkadelic has been opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers all throughout their tour of Australia.

Way back in 1985, George Clinton produced the band's second album, Freaky Styley, so the two have had a relationship going back nearly forty years.  

However, the crowd at their show in Sydney was treated to a nice surprise, because Clinton joined RHCP on stage for a performance of "Give It Away Now."  Despite the long relationship, and the Parliament Funkadelic opening for the Chili Peppers on this whole tour, that Sydney show was the fist time Clinton joined the guys on stage.

The 77-year-old Clinton has also recently announced his retirement, and this tour with RHCP is part of his final farewell tours.

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