[Video] Couple’s Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong After Balloon Flies Away

The Man’s Attempt Wasn’t Enough To Break Open The Balloon

October 7, 2019

Gender reveal parties have officially gone too far, as couple’s continue to try and one up each other with the most creative way to reveal if their child is a boy or girl. The internet is full of these gender reveal videos, but when the reveal goes horribly wrong it makes everything worth it. A couple’s recent attempt ended hilariously after the balloon used for the reveal floated away, and the couple attempted to chase after it.

In the now viral video, the couple attempts to break a balloon with a stick. People in the background can be heard encouraging the couple, as they try to break the tied down balloon. However, after a few uninspired attempts, the man finally hit it hard enough. Of course, instead of breaking, the balloon got untied and began floating away.

Hilarity ensued as the couple attempt to chase after their balloon, as the man even took a hard tumble trying to hop a fence. The video has since been viewed over a million times, as many on social media were quick to point out, this is one of the better failed gender reveal attempts. After this gender reveal went so poorly, the couple is probably better off finding out the gender at the hospital anyways.

Via Fox News