Mysterious Furry Sea Monster Washes Up Onto The Beach

August 17, 2018
Beach, Shore, Water

Ok.  We have no idea what this is.  We don't think we've ever seen anything like this before.

A mysterious, furry sea creature of some kind washed up from the Bering Sea onto the shores of Siberia a couple of days ago.  It's massive, about three times the size of an adult human, is covered in some kind of fur, and there were even some reports that it had tentacles.  Some questioned if the beast was just some strange, furry octopus.  The monster also reported had a pungent smell.

Marine biologist Sergei Kornev, however, believes this is not some new species of monster, but a piece of whale.  He told The Siberian Times, "Under the influence of the sea, time and various animals, from the smallest to the largest, a whale often takes on bizarre forms.  This is only a part of a whale, not a whole one."

It is not known, at this time, if researchers will take tissue or DNA samples from the creature.

Via NY Post