French Butchers Beg Government For Protection Against 'Militant' Vegans

June 28, 2018
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The French Confederation of Butchery, and organization representing French butchers, has petitioned the French government to, “stop the physical, verbal and moral violence” at the hands of what it calls 'militant' vegan groups.

Jean-François Guihard, the president of the confederation, sent a letter to the French government expressing the concerns of over 18,000 butchers. The letter cites numerous incidents, including violence and vandalism. 

Guilhard claims 15 local shops have been splashed with fake blood, including a shop in Lille, where there have been reports of smashed windows and graffiti.

The letter also references a vegan who, "rejoiced about the murder of our colleague in the Trèbes terror attack.” In March, Myriam-Serge Jouglet was convicted of condoning terrorism after posting on Facebook that the death of butcher Christian Medves was "justice."

Guilhard concludes the letter by claiming that, “the attacks our butchers and delicatessens have suffered are essentially terrorism.”

Via Time