“Fred Flintstone” Arrested For Speeding In Prehistoric Smart Car In Florida

November 15, 2018
Fred Flintstone, Costume, Car, Footmobile, Music Festival

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

Fred Flintstone became unruly during a traffic stop in Florida earlier this month, and had to be detained by police.  

Well, sort of.

Don Swartz was caught going a little too fast through a housing development, and he was pretty easy for police to find, as he decorated his smart car to look exactly like Fred Flintstone's "footmobile" from the ‘60s cartoon.  Swartz was dressed like the man himself, and even was barefoot to complete the motif.

Unfortunately, Swartz became unruly, and was detained by the police.  He was later released and issued a citation to appear in court.  The vehicle was seized by the police.

Via Huffington Post