Frankie Muniz Loses Home To Flooding After Cat Accidentally Turns On Faucet

November 19, 2018
Frankie Muniz, Red Carpet, ABC, Summer Press Tour, 2018

(Photo by Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup/Sipa USA)

Frankie Muniz returned from his uncle’s funeral to some more devastating news.

4 of the 5 floors of his home were completely flooded, destroying everything in the process. Muniz lost artwork, personal photos, furniture, and more to the flooding, all because of one single mistake that he didn't even make!  While Muniz was away, his cat accidentally turned on a faucet, which led to the flooding.



And what's worse, the hotel Muniz and his girlfriend Paige Price are staying while their house is renovated needed to be evacuated after fire alarms started blaring!


Quite an eventful week for sure.

Via People