Frances Bean Cobain Loses Father's "MTV Unplugged" Guitar In Divorce Settlement

May 18, 2018
Frances Bean Cobain, Smile, Red Carpet

(Photo by Christopher Smith/AdMedia)


The guitar that helped solidify Kurt Cobain and Nirvana as Rock 'n Roll royalty is no longer in the family.

The Martin acoustic guitar Kurt used during Nirvana's MTV Unplugged performance was passed to his daughter Frances Bean upon his death.  Unfortunately, that guitar now belongs to Frances Bean's ex-husband Isaiah Silva, who claims she gave it to him as a gift during their marriage.  After two years, the couple divorced, and began dividing their assets.  Though Silva won't be entitled to any of the Cobain family fortune, it looks like he'll be able to keep the guitar.

Last November, The Blast reported the guitar to be worth millions.  No word yet on what Silva plans to do with the instrument.  The Cobain family estate is currently estimated to be valued at $450 million.

Via People