Fort Worth's Magnolia Avenue Named One Of The 15 Great Places In America

September 26, 2018
Fort Worth, Texas, Downtown, Skyline, Cityscape

If you already didn't know, Fort Worth is a pretty amazing place.

Just a hop and a skip away from Downtown Dallas, Funky Town feels like a whole new world, and finally, one of the best parts of the city is getting some national recognition.

Fort Worth's amazing Magnolia Avenue was just named one of the fifteen "great places" in America, according to the American Planning Association. The APA cited the city's amazing work into transforming the avenue into a corridor packed with shops and restaurants.

The American Planning Association cited specifically Fort Worth's adaptation to the streetscape, which has allowed 57 different businesses to open their doors in the last 12 years, including 26 restaurants, many of which are locally owned.  Fort Worth City Council member Ann Zadeh's district includes Magnolia Ave.  She's said the success of Magnolia Ave has translated to transformations of other parts of the city.  "We're doing a lot of work throughout the city of Fort Worth trying to make streets complete streets.  While they still do that function of getting people through an area, that actually serve that area as well."