Former Lottery Winner Pleads Guilty To Felony Bank Robbery

March 21, 2018
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(Photo via Dreamstime)


James Allen Hayes won a $19 million SuperLotto jackpot in 1998.  Last week, he pleaded guilty to four federal counts of bank robbery.  

Like so many lottery winners, Hayes did not really enjoy his winnings fully.  His ex-wife reportedly snagged half of the jackpot, and Hayes opted for the lump sum which was only about $6 million.  However, a $1000-a-week drug habit will burn through that cash pretty quickly.

Hayes, otherwise known as PT Cruiser Bandit and the Seasoned Bandit, was indicted last October for a string of bank robberies between April and September in California.  In each incident, the robber slipped a note to the teller demanding cash, threatening them with gunfire if they did not comply.  Hayes was living in an abandoned garage when police tracked him down. 

Hayes faces up to 20 years in prison, and could be ordered to pay a restitution of about $40,000.