Former High School Sweethearts Marry After Remembering Pact To Do So If They Were Both Single At 50

June 6, 2018
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They first met as students at Saint Agnes School in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  

Soon after, Kimberley Dean and Ron Palmer started a relationship and became high school sweethearts.  Unfortunately, as most of those relationships tend to do, they went their separate ways after Palmer, a senior, graduated.  Dean was just a freshman at the time.  Palmer tells People, "We dated most of my senior year, and we broke up but remained friends.  I wanted to go sow my oats, so to speak, and I was honest with her.  I decided to go have my fun, and I thought girls were a dime a dozen.  But I never developed as good as a relationship with anyone else as I had with her."

The years went by, and both Dean and Palmer married other people, only to both get divorced later on.  Still, they kept in touch throughout the years.  During one of their conversations while they were in their '30s, they made a pact.  If neither of them were married by the time they were 50, they would marry each other.  They both wrote it off as a joke, until Dean brought it up again in 2016, 37 years after the pair first started dating.  She recalled, "It was like a light bulb went off.  And I told him, ‘Do you remember this stupid pact we made?'"  

Palmer definitely did remember, and despite the potential risks on their friendship, Palmer proposed New Year's Eve 2017, and they were married on the 1st of June.  Dean says, "It started out as just a complete random joke and never in a million years did we both think we would have ended up in the same place at the right time.  Because I mean, we've been in different relationships, and now here we are."

The couple has some sage advice for any others who might find themselves in a similar situation.  "When it comes to any type of a relationship, be it friendship or a relationship that you have with a partner, don't give up.  We put it on the line, and I'm glad that it worked out.  We're still friends, but we're married.  So don't give up," says Dean.

Via People