Florida Woman Plunges SUV Into Community Swimming Pool Leading To Epic Viral Photo

The Woman Was Able To Escape Without Harm Physically, But Did Receive A Ticket After

January 7, 2020

Naked King

As the new year rolls on, Florida is already back to old habits, making headlines for the most absurd reasons. A Florida woman has gone viral after photos of her recent car crash have spread throughout the internet. As the photo shows, the woman crashed into a local community pool, leaving her car stuck vertically, half in the pool.

The Florida woman involved in the crash was 56 year old Audrey Bullitt-Reeves. Luckily for Bullitt-Reeves, she escaped the accident unharmed physically, but was cited for careless driving afterwards. According to reports, the driver claimed to have lost control of her SUV, barreling through some bushes and a fence and straight into the pool.

Once in the water, Bullitt-Reeves’ car was submerged up to the front doors, and she was forced to crawl to safety through the rear window of her 2007 Mazda CX-9. No injuries were reported due to the accident at the community pool. While many are thankful for that, already this story is the early favorite for most Florida moment of 2020.

Via Fox News