Texas’ First Man Made Lake In Over 30 Years Is Being Built In North Texas

Bois d’Arc Lake Will Be Located In Bonham, Texas

February 7, 2020


Man-made lakes have become a staple of Texas lifestyle, as large bodies of water have been created throughout the state. While there are a few natural lakes in Texas, man-made lakes have been erected for a purpose other than just bring summer fun to Texans. As the population in the state continues to grow, a new man-made lake is being built in North Texas to help with water and flood control.

Bois d’Arc Lake is currently being made in Bonham, Texas, located about an hour and a half northeast of the metroplex. “I’ve given sweat, blood, and tears to make this work. And it’s here and happening and I think it’s going to be good for my children, their children, etc. I think it’s a legacy for Bonham, Texas,” said Roy Floyd, the mayor of Bonham. While the new lake will bring plenty of resources to the entire region, the hope is it will also bring fun and prosperity to the town of Bonham.

At 15 miles long and over 16,000 surface acres, Bois d’Arc Lake will be about the size of the “city of Allen that will be underwater." It will be the first major reservoir built in Texas in over 30 years. There may be plenty of lakes throughout the state, but one more couldn’t hurt.