Father Saves Family Then Ribs From Apartment Fire

August 15, 2018
BBQ, Ribs

How have we not heard about this hero until now?

California man Robert Wright was barbecuing ribs one early morning when he noticed a fire break out in his apartment complex.  Why exactly he was cooking at three o'clock in the morning is a question for another day, because Wright immediately sprung into action, running to his unit and rescuing his family from the engulfing smoke and flames and making sure he got to safety.  

But there was one more thing on Wright's mind.  "I got my kids first.  And I thought about my ribs.  I didn't want to let my ribs burn and stuff.  I take pride in what I do, man.  It's like 3 o'clock in the morning.  I was hungry man.  I was like, 'Put them ribs on there, man.'  Some hot links and stuff, man, we got it going and stuff," Wright told KMPH.

A man with his priorities, first his family, then his ribs.

A woman and a child were treated for smoke inhalation, and Wright himself said he had smoke, in his lungs.  But, the ribs are safe.  "It was frantic.  It was real serious, man.  I'm gonna enjoy this barbecue though, man."

Via NY Daily News