Father Interrogates Daughter’s First Date Through Doorbell Camera

August 15, 2019
Doorbell, Camera, Intercom, Wall

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Even though he was at work, a man named Pedro wanted to make sure he gave a young man the rundown before he took his daughter out on a date.

Mr. Pedro used his home’s doorbell camera to ask his daughter’s suitor Jared a few questions about their plans for the evening, including what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what time she’ll be home.  All the classic questions a dad would ask to the person taking his daughter out on a date!

Just so you get an idea of how the conversation went, Mr. Pedro told a clearly nervous Jared, “At least I get to see your face but you don’t get to see mines.”

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Just before they head off on the date, Mr. Pedro offers one final word of caution, “remember, I know people everywhere and they’re looking at what you guys are doing.”

Classic dad!