Family Reunited With Lost Dog At Adoption Event, While In Line To Get A Cat

Dopey Had Been Missing Since August, But Ran Over Right When They Called His Name

November 12, 2019

Vasyl Dolmatov

When a family’s pet goes missing it can be stressful and extremely upsetting, but finding the lost companion makes for an incredibly joyful moment. That’s what happened to a family in Jacksonville, Florida recently when they happened to spot their dog at an adoption event. The family’s dog, Dopey, ran over and began “covering them with kisses,” especially since the family was in line to get a cat.

The heartwarming moment was shared on Facebook by the Jacksonville Humane Society. The adoption event, which took place at a PetSmart in Jacksonville over the weekend, gave families a chance to take home a new pet, but one family ended up with a familiar face. According to the post, the family noticed the “spotted a brown and white dog being leashed to go for a walk,” when the father shouted out “That’s my Dopey!”

The dog immediately recognized his owner and ran over to the family. Dopey “leapt into their arms” and started “covering them with kisses.” The dog, which had been missing since August, came to the shelter in November, but will now be going home, Luckily for Dopey he was spotted before the family ended up going home with a new cat.

Via People