Family Racks Up $13,470 Worth Of Roaming Fees In Airplane Mode

How the HECK did this happen?

September 8, 2018
Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

After getting back from a family reunion in Vietnam, the Chungs received a pretty big surprise in the mail: a $13,470 bill from T-Mobile for internet roaming charges!  The craziest part: they were using iOS’ Airplane Mode on their iPhone!  On top of that, the huge bill was racked up in about 30 minutes when the family was on a commercial flight over Vietnam.  Apparently, one of the kids was playing an offline chess game that didn't require data to be played.

So how the heck could this happen?

Experts say there must be a bug in T-Mobile's carrier systems, or maybe a bug in Apple's iOS.

Nonetheless, T-Mobile knocked the bill down to $3,800: which wasn't enough for the Chungs.  Luckily, after their story was featured on a consumer news piece, T-Mobile got rid of all the charges.

Moral of the story: you might want to check with your carrier before traveling internationally!

Source: iDrop News

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