Family Accidentally Eats 21-Year-Old Cereal Purchased At Wal-Mart

March 15, 2018
Cereal, Breakfast, Food

Photo by Dreamstime


Josiah and Andrea Carelse thought their Quaker Oats cereal tasted a bit funny.  

He managed to finish a whole bowl, biut she was done after just a few bites.  They had just purchased the store at their local Wal-mart in Colorado, but they checked the experiation date just to be safe.  It read February 22, 1997.  More than two decades ago.  

Luckily, neither of them became sick after eating the cereal, and they are shocked as to how something that expired more than twenty years ago could be available for purchase.  Josiah told Denver 7, "We just grabbed this off the shelf and yeah… 21 years old."

Denver 7 reached out to both Wal-Mart and PepsiCo, Quaker's parent company, for a statement.  PepsiCo declined to comment, and Wal-MArt said they were looking into the incident.

Via Fox News