Elton John Shares Video Message Asking Fans To Support Independent Record Stores

The Singer Gave A Shout Out To His Favorite Record Store Rough Trade West

March 27, 2020

Kevin Winter / Staff

Thanks to the internet, buying a physical copy of an album is no longer common amongst most music fan. While record stores have been impacted for years by this, many have remained open, selling cd's and vinyl records to music aficionados. Now, Elton John is urging fans to continue shopping at record stores, saying “Everything about records are magical to me and have been for the whole of my life.”

In a video shared by Elton John, the singer urged fans to continue shopping at independent record stores, in order to keep the industry alive. “Record stores are so important for the community, they’re a wonderful place to visit. The people behind the counter are so involved in what they do,” John said in his video. The singer even gave a shout out to his favorite record store, Rough Trade West in Ladbroke Grove.

While Elton John may have his favorite record store to visit, he advised fans to visit their local record stores as well. “If I hadn’t have been Elton John one of the greatest things I’d loved to have done would be to have my own record store and sell records to people,” said John. While many record stores are currently closed, customers can still support them by buying online or using a delivery option.