Elon Musk Claims Future Teslas Will Include Fart Noises Instead Of A Horn

The Inventor Said Future Teslas Could Include Goat Noises, Along With Other Sounds

October 8, 2019

Press Association

Elon Musk has never been one to go with the status quo. Whether it’s starting a company while sitting in traffic, selling flamethrowers or sending a car to space, clearly Musk has no interest in playing by the rules. Now, the inventor of Tesla has announced that future versions of the car may use the sound of a goat bleating, or a fart noise instead of a normal car horn.

Musk has made jokes in the past about his products on social media, but this is one people are already starting to get behind. In his tweet, Musk made an apparent Monty Python reference when he said one of the sounds would be coconuts, and used the wind emoji and goat emoji to tease other sounds that would be available. Of course, the noise making the most news is the fart sound replacement.

The Tesla inventor responded to a few questions from fans, saying it may be possible to upload personalized sound clips for use. He also added, after a fan request, that the new Teslas would include “jungle and rainforest sounds.” While it is unknown if this is something that will actually happen, if it does, some weird noises will be coming from traffic filled streets everywhere.

Via Business Insider