[Video] Two Elephants Casually Roam Russian City After Escaping Circus

The Two Elephants Were In Yekaterinburg, Russia When They Escaped An Italian Circus

January 24, 2020

Cheryl Ramalho

It’s quite rare to see Elephants casually walking around in city streets, especially in Russia. However, people in Yekaterinburg were in for a big surprise on Thursday when two elephants were spotted walking through the snowy city. The elephants reportedly had escaped from the circus and happily explored Russia’s third largest city before finally being corralled.

On Thursday, two elephants managed to escape from an Italian circus as they were being loaded into a truck to head to next city. The elephants, named Karla and Ranni, resisted and managed to walk away as the crew was unable to stop the massive animals. “The elephants wanted to get some new experiences before a long journey, and they got them,” said the circus.

After the elephants got some time playing in the snow, and causing slight chaos as crew members tried to corral them back to the van, they finally were able to get the loose animals controlled. Handlers were able to get a rope around one of the elephant's front legs, as it took twelve people to get the reluctant elephants back to the van. While the elephants were upset to leave, at least they got some play time first.

Via Fox News