Ed Sheeran Likes To Dress As Spider-Man To Remain Incognito At Concerts

September 6, 2019
Ed Sheeran, Concert, Guitar, Smile, Miller Park, 2018

(Photo by Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


Like all of us, Ed Sheeran likes to go to concerts.

Unlike all of us, Ed Sheeran is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

Beyond being an award-winning musician, his crop of red hair is instantly recognizable across any sized venue.  Still, Sheeran wants to check out live shows, so he has utilized a very simple method in order to remain incognito whenever he goes out to concerts.  He wears a Spider-Man costume.

UK rapper Aitch revealed Sheeran's little secret to the BBC, while explaining that Sheeran's ploy is almost too effective.  Aitch told the story of one time Sheeran  approached some fans wearing shirts with his name on them at a show, and they proceeded to tell him to go away!

So the next time you're at a show, and you happen to see Spider-Man wandering throughout the crowd, you never know!  It might be Ed Sheeran behind the mask!

Via Business Insider