Donald Faison Runs Into Fan Wearing "Clueless" Shirt, And She Has NO Idea Who He Is

August 2, 2018
Donald Faison, Hat, Smile

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia)

First the guys from The Sandlot, and now Donald Faison, too?

Faison was out and about the other day when he happened across a young woman wearing a t-shirt depicting the cast of the hit '90s film Clueless.  Well, it turns out that she was wearing the shirt more as a fashion statement than as an homage to the movie, because when Faison, who starred in the movie, approached her, she had NO idea who she was.  

Faison captioned the pic, "#Clueless for real for real…she was like who are you and why do you want this picture? #MovieOlderThanYou"

And if you remember, this happened to Patrick Renna and Tom Guiry of The Sandlot recently too!

Via People