Dominos Is Trying To Combine Pizza And Bubble Tea, And Apparently It’s Not Awful

Dominos Is Experimenting With Bubble Tea Bubbles As A Topping

November 1, 2019

Joe Raedle / Staff

Taking two things people love and combining them sounds like a great idea, but doesn’t always work out as intended, especially with food. Some flavors just aren’t meant to be combined, but that won’t stop people from trying. Dominos has recently made an attempt at combining two beloved items, by selling pizza with bubble tea bubbles as toppings, and surprisingly people don’t hate it.

While pizza has been beloved for years, the Taiwanese bubble tea has become a huge hit in recent years. Now, dominos is attempting to exploit the love for pizza and The sugary and chewy beverage, by combining the two. For the next month, dominos locations across Taiwan will be selling a dessert pizza covered in black sugar pearls, honey and cheese, with a soft and chewy texture.

“Don't miss the highlight of Taiwan that is popular around the world: the black sugar pearl explosion,” Dominos said in a press release. While it isn’t in the United States yet, reaction for the pizza has been surprisingly positive. "In Taiwan everyone loves the texture 'Q' which means chewy or bouncy in the way boba is, and this pizza was indeed very Q, said Lev Nachman, a University of California Irvine PhD candidate conducting research in Taiwan. Hopefully, if it is actually tasty, it will come to the United States soon.