Dominos Sells Pizza For $30 To Tourists In Times Square On New Year's Eve

Best idea ever

January 1, 2020
People eating Pizza in Times Square

Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

This delivery guy probably made a ridiculous amount in tips last night. 

Whoever had the bright idea to deliver pizzas to Times Square on News Year's Eve is a genius and should be promoted. Dominos deliveryman Ratan Banik was running pizzas to Times Square all day and selling them to hungry patrons anxiously waiting for the ball to drop. 

When you’re hungry and have been waiting in the cold all day, you’ll pay anything for a hot slice of pizza. Banik had been selling large pepperoni, ham, and cheese pizzas for $30 each; a regular large pizza from Dominos will only run you $14.49.

Those who were buying the pizza from Banik didn’t seem to argue with the price either. A man from New Jersey who was with his friends and told the New York Post they were happy Banik showed up with pizza and that it was worth the price. 

“He is our Santa. He came a little late, but we were happy. It’s absolutely worth it. It was hot. It seems like it just came out of the oven. If he comes back, I will buy some more.”

They weren’t the only ones happy to pay the high price for a large pizza. Francisco Patalano from Fort Polk, Louisiana said his wife was getting hungry and that Banik sold tons of pizzas in a matter of minutes. 

“It was totally worth it. He probably sold about seven pizzas in less than two minutes.”

Would you pay $30 for a large pizza if you were waiting all day for a big event?