Hero Dog Recovering After Protecting Owner From Rattlesnake

July 2, 2018
Dog, Rattlesnake

(Photo via Dreamstime)


We've heard a lot about rattlesnakes over the last few weeks.

They're appearing in pool noodles and biting people even after they've been decapitated...but this might be the worst rattlesnake story of all.

Paula Godwin was out for a walk with her dog Todd when Godwin nearly stepped on a rattlesnake in her path.  Before the rattlesnake could strike, Todd leapt in front of Godwin's leg, and took the full rattlesnake bite right on his puppy face.  

Godwin admits she broke plenty of traffic laws rushing Todd to the hospital, like we all would in a situation like that.  Fortunately, Todd was taken care of ASAP, his swelling is starting to go down, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

The goodest hero, ever!