Adorable Dog Gets Bored And Decides To Roll Around While His Mom And Dad Get Married

August 9, 2018
Wedding Ceremony, Bride, Groom

There was no way Jayce Conway and Angie Blumberg were going to get married without their dog, Boone, being part of the ceremony.

Conway told Today, "He's a really well-trained dog.  I planned for him to stand between me and my brother."  Boone was being the goodest best man ever, until he saw Blumberg walking down the aisle.  Boone walked over to greet her, and sometime during the opening prayer, got a little bored.

He began to roll around on the ground in front of his mom and dad, and luckily for us, the wedding photographer captured the beautiful moment.

The newlyweds weren't intially aware of Boone's viral fame, as they had been without reliable cell service while camping after their wedding.  And as far as how Boone would react if he knew he was famous, Conway said, "He'd be fine with it.  He's always been the life of the party."

Via Huffington Post